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How To Use A Plat Map

Plat maps convey information that is beneficial to Real Estate Agents and San Diego home buyers.

A plat map is a diagram detailing boundary or property lines for a particular plot of land. For real estate purposes, a plat map will show a tract of land and how it is separated into divided parcels, indicating the placement and length of property lines, easements and right-of-ways on the land.

Drawn to scale, plat maps convey information that is beneficial to Real Estate Agents and San Diego homebuyers. With a plat map in hand, you can know:

  • Locations of the property’s tract easements (power, water, sewer, phone, etc.); recreation areas; roads; greenbelts; and monuments and dimensions for measuring and identifying lot boundaries
  • Length and width and square feet of the parceled property, easement areas, parks, etc.
  • Longitude and latitude lines of the property
  • Lot tract numbers, builder lot numbers and parcel numbers
  • Shape of each lot (parcel boundary) and its orientation (north, south, east and west)
  • Where iron pins/pipes were set as property markers


The more atypical the shape of the plot of land, the better the chance it could have an erroneous reading of the property’s square footage on the San Diego County record. The plat map can help determine discrepancies with the square footage, which could be helpful in understanding a home’s true value.

Also, plat maps are excellent visual tools that can help orient a buyer. For example, a review of the map shows the homebuyer which side of the house gets the sun first, neighbor proximity, yard size, etc.

Basic plat maps can be found online from various sources, but usually without the important measurement and location data. Detailed plat maps can be obtained from the property title company, from the San Diego County Recorder’s office, or even their online portal. I am also able to assist in obtaining San Diego plat maps, so feel free to give me a call and I would be happy to help.